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FERPA letters 2017-2018

Click on the name of the Software to see details of its Approval Status

Green - Supported     Blue - Approved     Orange- Approved with Caution  

*NOTE: even if an account is Approved or "Approved With Caution" children under 13 CANNOT make their own accounts. Accounts must be made by an adult due to COPPA. Click here for more info on COPPA 

Online Sites

ABC Expedition

App with no student login required. 


Website with no student login required. 

Accelerated Reader

About: A computerized program that tests reading comprehension used by Middle School.
Students uploaded by the Tech Department.


About: Kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view.
Approved with caution - only use student's first name. Do not use full name.


Used in conjunction with Google Forms to populate information into a Google Doc.


About: Video editing software. 


About: Designed to help teachers, parents and PTO members share information and photos.
Approved with caution - Teacher use only - DO NOT allow students to login.

Bob Books Reading Magic Lite

App with no student login required. 

Build A Word Express

About: Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names.

Class Dojo

About: A classroom Management platform for teachers that keeps parents in the loop.

Class Kick

About: Used for formative assessment, peer-to-peer instruction and mastery learning. 

Classroom Authors

Approved with caution - Children are encouraged to use pen name. Parents sign online for children under 13. 


App with no student login required. 


About: Provides computer science web-based curriculum, teacher tools, and professional development.
Approved with caution - Children under 13 cannot use.

About: Students learn computer skills.

ConnectEd / Wonders

Purchased by District. Students uploaded by Tech Department. 

Discovery Education / Discovery Streaming

Approved with caution - Teacher login only.  Do Not allow students to login. 


About: An interactive video tool. 


About: A web-based software for teaching keyboarding to students.
Students uploaded by Building Principals.


Approved with caution. Do not use the Chat function. It connects to social media. 

Final Forms

About: Online forms and data management application.


App with no student login required. 


About: A video response platform for student interaction and engagement.
Approved with caution. Teachers need to make sure the grids are private and not public. 


About: Students complete assignments through Google forms and flubaroo instantly grades and emails results.
Powered by Google

Game Goo

Website with no student login required. 


About: Interactive math and science simulations.
Purchased by Granger Elementary - Students uploaded by Teacher.

Go, Clifford, Go!

App with no student login required.

Go Noodle

About: Physical activity breaks.


About: Helps sports teams study themselves and scout their opponents with video apps.
Approved with caution - Teacher use only - Athletic Department has contacted company for more FERPA COPPA clarification.


About: A free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn – any subject, in any language, on any device.
Approved with caution - DO NOT allow students to use their last names.

Khan Academy

About: A non-profit educational organization - signed K-12 Privacy Pledge.


Approved with caution - Use Google Blog or Mooldle as a safer alternative.


Purchased by District. Students uploaded by Tech Department.


Approved with caution

Mastery Connect

About: Allows teachers to effectively assess core standards, monitor student performance, and report student mastery to parents and administrators.
Purchased by District. Student sync via PowerSchool.

Math Blaster Hyper Blast

App with no student login required. 


App with no student login required.

Mission US

Approved with caution - It does send out random surveys that the students should not take.


About: Accelerated personalized learning for every K-8 subject.


About: An innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news.


About: Student research platform with MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian bibliographies, notecards, outlining


About: Teacher puts questions on the 'padlet' and the students receive a URL address to go to and answer them.
Approved with caution. Only Teachers can create accounts. 

PBS Kids

Website with no student login required. 

Pearson Success Net

Textbook software purchased by the district.


About: Provides an avenue for reading text using social learning techniques.
Approved with caution. Do Not allow students to login using Facebook. 


Approved with caution - Teacher login only - not approved for student use.


Approved with caution; must use school email. Sharing of presentation must be set to private, NOT public or shared.

Prodigy Math

About: Used to practice math skills that are Common Core aligned.

QR Reader Free

App with no student login required. 

Quia / IXL

About: Subscription based learning for K-12 providing unlimited practice in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. 


About: A memorization tool that lets users to create "sets" of terms customized for their own needs.


About:  Online guided reading program with interactive ebooks, downloadable books and reading quizzes.

Reading A-Z

About: Printable and projectable books and resources, spanning 29 levels of difficulty. 


Approved with Caution; Principals must sign up for an admin account before teachers can create an account.

SAS-Writing Planner

About: A tool that gives students immediate feedback in coordination with the writing standards.

Scholastic Magazines

No login required for students. Teachers need a password. 


About: Uses real-time questioning, result aggregation, and visualization, for instant insight into student levels of understanding.


About: Software for Child Care Centers and before & After School Programs. Have to delete online content when leaving

Spelling City

About: Helps build vocabulary, literacy, phonics and spelling skills.


Students are uploaded by the Tech Department.


About: A team management program. Students cannot log in; Have to delete online content when leaving (this was not in the pp but this information was given over the phone)

That Quiz

Website with no student login required. 


About: An online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading in a format they'll love.
Website approved with caution. Do not use real email information or any identifying information.

Typing Club

Approved with caution - Free version only.

Unique Learning Systems

About: Standards-based set of interactive tools specifically designed for students with special needs.

Vista Higher Learning

Approved by Textbook Adoption

About: HS parking permit payment website.

Wonders (Need to opt out of PII)

McGraw-Hill reading program purchased by the District; need to opt out of PII.


About: Helps students master basic math facts.
Approved with caution - Teachers have to create student accounts.


Approved with caution. Not a part of Google Suite. No one under 14 can post.


About: Interactive video tools and ready-to-use video lessons.
Parent/guardian consent needed if under the age of 13.