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The Insert tab is located next to the Home tab on the right side. For the most part, the Insert tab revolves around, well, inserting things, and modifying them to however you wish.

To start off, I'll show you how to insert tables, and what all you can do with and/or to them.

At the top and near the left side of the toolbar, there will be a button that reads "Table". You'll move your cursor over top of the button, and a little menu will open up. In that menu, a grid will show, in which you will move your cursor around until you find exactly how many rows and columns that you will want for your table. There are also other options you can click on under that menu, but this is the quick and easy way. Once you know what you want, left click, and you will be taken to another tab known as the Design tab under the Table Tools category.

In this Design tab, you'll be able to customize your table to be any way that you'd like. This includes the style, color, borders, and the line style and weight. You can also draw new tables and erase them.

The other tab under the Table Tools category is the Layout tab. If you click on the Layout tab, it will display nearly everything that would be basically displayed in Microsoft Excel 2010, and the toolbar looks just like this:

Next, inserting a picture is very easy. First, you'll simply go back to the Insert tab, and you'll want to click on the button that says "Picture". From there, a window will open up where you can go through your computer and find the picture that you wish to insert. Once it's found, you will want to click "Insert".

After that, you will be taken to another tab known as the Format tab under the Picture Tools category.In this tab, you'll be able to edit the color, style, position, and how it should fit in the text. Not only that, but you can add effects, change the rotation, and you are able to crop the photo how ever way you'd like. I would simply take the time to play with all the different buttons, and see what each and everyone of them does, for it is all quite self-explanatory. Nonetheless, here is the toolbar:

For adding clip art to the word document, simply click on the button that reads "Clip Art" (which is right next to the "Picture" button). A window will open up on the right side of the Microsoft Word 2010 window. In the search bar, you can type in what you wish to search (as long as it's fairly basic), and the results will appear. If an image that you want to use shows up in the results, click on the image once, and it will show up in the word document.

Another useful and helpful tool you can use is the "Screenshot" button. If you click it, it will display all the windows that you have open on your computer as small icon-like images, except for the Microsoft Word 2010 window. When you click on the image you want to take a screenshot of, it will appear in your word document, and you'll be able to use it and change it as you like.

Now, adding hyperlinks to images or text is very simple. First, either click on the image or highlight the text. Next, up at the top there will be a "Hyperlink" button. Click it, and a new window will appear that is titled as "Insert Hyperlink". You'll be able to either add a link to something on your computer or a website. For websites, simply copy and paste the URL into the Address text box. Once you're done with that, click the "OK" button, and the link will be added to the image and/or text.

The Header & Footer section has three different buttons: Header, Footer, and Page Number. The three of them have various different ways of being displayed, that would require some of your time to play with them a little bit, or to just at least view what can all be done. Nonetheless, here is what each menu looks like when you first click on each button:



Page Number-

If you want to add a caption to an image, or just a text box of any sort, In the Text section, click on the first button that says "Text Box". A drop menu will appear, and you'll be able to pick any of the given text box types, or you can even draw your own.

The last function I'm going to briefly talk about is the "WordArt" button. It's similiar to the "Text Effects" button under the Home tab, but not completely. Click it, and you'll see some choices of how you many or may not want your text to look like.

Do note that you can edit and modify the text, because once you do click on the text you want to use, Microsoft Word 2010 will lead you to a new tab called Format which is found under the Drawing Tools category. The toolbar for the Format tab looks like this:

Truly, the best way to learn how to use any of this is to just play around with all the buttons and effects, and just to see what happens.

Do understand that I did not discuss everything that can be done in the Insert tab, but only the main and more commonly used aspects of the tab. By now you should know all the basics of the Insert tab now that you have finished reading through this HowTo.


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