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You need to install our certificate to use some parts of the web. You can get it here CERT. Just download it while on your personal device and install it. Then you will have all the internet back in all its glory. This page will give you a little more help with the install.


The Page Layout tab is the fourth tab in line from the left, and this is where you can customize the way your document's page is set up, or even how some parts of Microsoft Word 2010 are set up, which leads me to what I'm going to talk about first.

The first section, Themes, is all about the colors, fonts, and effects that can be used in Microsoft Word 2010. In the section, there are four buttons: Themes, Theme Colors, Theme Fonts, and Theme Effects. The biggest button, Themes, gives you all of the pre-made themes in Microsoft Word 2010. You can easily change them. The other three buttons are so you can make your own themes, and you can even save them. The default theme is Office.

Under the Page Setup section, you can change and/or add margins, orientation, size, columns, breaks, line numbers, and hyphenation. You can even customize the settings. Below are all the screenshots for each button:

The Page Background section has three buttons: Watermark, Page Color, and Page Borders.

Watermark simply adds a watermark to the background of the document, and you can even change the text and whether the watermark is a picture or not.

Page Color allows you to change the color of document's background. This includes solid colors and fill effects (gradients, textures, patterns, and pictures).

Page Borders allows you to add borders around your document. There are many choices that can be made for creating borders, such as using images, the line style, colors, the setting of it, the width, and more.

Indent and Spacing is all about paragraphs, and how they are positioned in the word document. For Indent, the default settings are Left: 0", and Right: 0". For Spacing, Before: 0 pt, and After: 10 pt. You can any of them however you wish.

After reading through this HowTo, you should now know how to work with the Page Layout tab rather well, and could use it with ease.

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