• Chrome Startup

    Below is a tutorial on how to make Chrome reopen your tabs where you left off in the event you accidentally close Chrome or your PC is shutdown. You can also tell Chrome what web pages you want to open by default. For additional information on the “on startup” option…

  • Lynx How To Guide

    A tutorial on the new Lynx software that will be replacing the Interwrite software for the Mobi Pads.

  • Intro to CleverTouch Boards

    An introduction to the CleverTouch boards that will be in the new elementary schools. The tutorial covers some of the basic functions of the board. Below the PDF there is also a video version as well. CleverTouch Getting Started Video

  • How To Use Chrome Remote Desktop

    Tutorial on how to allow tech support remote access to your Chromebook or desktop PC using the Chrome Browser.

  • Creating a YouTube Channel

    Tutorial on how to create a YouTube Channel. Below is a very detailed video on creating a YouTube channel.