• Scan to Google Drive

    Tutorial on how to scan to Google Drive from the copiers.

  • Chromebook Screen Zoom and Rotate

    A tutorial for when the chromebook screen is zoomed in or out and when the screen is rotated in the wrong orientation.

  • Scoreboard Table Screens

    Tutorial on how to make the the scoreboard table in the gym display it’s two screens as one big screen.

  • Power Cycle a CleverTouch Board

    Below is a tutorial on how to power cycle your CleverTouch Board. This may help if it freezes or locks up.

  • Remote View Tutorial

    This is a tutorial on how to use remote view in the High School 108 computer lab. This software is only installed in this lab and can be used to view each computer screen in the lab.

  • Conference Call from a Classroom Phone

    Below are instructions on how to place a conference call from a classroom phone. Place your call or extension Hit the hang up button quickly Dial #1 followed by the second extension or phone number Hit the hang up button quickly two times and everyone should be on the call.