• Power School Student Transfer of Grades

    You can, through Power School transfer their grades to their new period, as long as they are taking the same lessons. ( I feel this will relate to HS and MS more) Below is a tutorial,  this will save you from having to enter the grades manually.

  • Approve Youtube Videos

    The Video below explains how to approve youtube videos for students to view.

  • Turn Off Notifications in Google Chat

    If you don’t want your chat to give you notifications or disrupt you the PDF below will instruct you how to turn off notifications.

  • Turn On System Audio In Loom

    For additional help you can visit Loom’s support page. Click here for Loom’s support page

  • Create a Chrome Profile

    The tutorial below will show you how to create a profile within Google Chrome.

  • Clear Cache in Chrome

    Below is a tutorial on how to clear the cache in Google Chrome.