• Record a Call

    The office phones have the ability to record a call. This only works on a outside call. Calls inside to inside can not be recorded.

  • Recalculate Final Scores

    Recalculate Final Scores is a special function that allows grades to be recalculated when certain unusual activities happen mid-year. This function allows grades to be recalculated when administrators change certain data in the SIS that impacts final grade calculations. For example, any changes made to a grade scale for a…

  • Voicemail Customize

    Dial 1000 Put in your password (0000 for new or reset passwords) when asked for a security code When asked a question you have to answer, hit the #1 for yes and the #2 for no If this is a new box, the auto attendant will walk you thru first…

  • Sign Into Office

    You are now required to sign into Microsoft Office. Below is a tutorial on how to.

  • Status Dashboard – Savvas

    Take the link below for the status of Savvas services including Realize and EasyBridge.

  • Printing from Chromebook

    Please note that the directions below only apply when printing from a school managed Chromebook while here at school. When you choose your document to print you will be given an initial window with a preview of your print job and the option to choose your printer. Click the drop…

  • Zoom: sharing computer sound during screen sharing

    Often you may want to share not only your microphone during a zoom call but the audio from your PC itself. Common if you are showing a YouTube video, or a student-created video, etc. See the link below on how you do so when sharing your screen.

  • Disable Zoom Auto Adjust Microphone

    Sometimes the Zoom software can be overly helpful when it comes to controlling the volume of your microphone. This is especially true when the webcam and microphone are the same device. Below are the steps to disable the microphone auto-adjust feature. Open your Zoom software. Usually an icon on your…