• Record a Call

    The office phones have the ability to record a call. This only works on a outside call. Calls inside to inside can not be recorded.

  • Recalculate Final Scores

    Recalculate Final Scores is a special function that allows grades to be recalculated when certain unusual activities happen mid-year. This function allows grades to be recalculated when administrators change certain data in the SIS that impacts final grade calculations. For example, any changes made to a grade scale for a…

  • Voicemail Customize

    Dial 1000 Put in your password (0000 for new or reset passwords) when asked for a security code When asked a question you have to answer, hit the #1 for yes and the #2 for no If this is a new box, the auto attendant will walk you thru first…

  • Sign Into Office

    You are now required to sign into Microsoft Office. Below is a tutorial on how to.

  • Status Dashboard – Savvas

    Take the link below for the status of Savvas services including Realize and EasyBridge.

  • Printing from Chromebook

    Please note that the directions below only apply when printing from a school managed Chromebook while here at school. When you choose your document to print you will be given an initial window with a preview of your print job and the option to choose your printer. Click the drop…